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Puerto Rico’s Police Force Considers Reforms

Puerto Rico’s police force is the second largest in U.S. states and territories, second in size only to that of New York City. The Puerto Rican police force includes more than 17,000 officers.

Puerto Rico has a high level of violent crime, largely as a result of its position as a largely undefended border used in the drug trade with the United States.

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico also has a history of problems within its police force. The U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a report in September that  identified a pattern of civil rights violations, and followed up last week with a lawsuit.

Former Governor Fortuno did not contest the lawsuit and instead created an agreement with the Justice Department that gives new Governor Padilla time to review the recommendations and make any changes his government requires.

The agreement calls for extensive reforms, as well as improved training for law enforcement officers in Puerto Rico.

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