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President Trump Keeps Silent on Puerto Rico

According to a report in Caribbean Business, President Trump met with Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello at Trump Towers. Spokespeople for both Trump and Rossello say that the meeting never happened.

Trump’s Treasury Secretary nominee, Steve Mnuchin, answered questions from Bill Nelson (D-FL) about Puerto Rico during his confirmation hearings by expressing concern and saying he planned to meet with Treasury officials on the subject. When he met with outgoing Secretary Lew to identify issues of concern, he said,  “Puerto Rico was high on that list… I started studying the issue. I share your concerns.”

Truthdig claims that Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, will be lobbying President Trump on behalf of the new governor’s administration.

Two hundred and sixty Military Police of the National Guard of Puerto Rico supported Trump’s inauguration security force.

But Trump himself is not saying anything about Puerto Rico. People have been talking on Twitter about Mr. Trump’s plans for the U. S. territory, but so far there has been no response from the new President.

Some of the recent tweets:

  • Mr. Donald Trump You think Puerto Rico ever become a state ?
  • “@realDonaldTrump Dear Donald Trump, I wonder what you would say if Puerto Rico declares its independance and Mrs Merckel applauds.
  • “Presidente Donald Trump le escribo por este medio y pueda considere el status de puerto rico ya que la mayoría los P.R quieren ser estado.”
  • Presidente Donald trump con mucho respeto me dígiro a usted para que. el status de puerto rico donde la mayoría desean el estado 51.”
  • “@realTrump Presidente Donald Trump le pido que considere el status de puerto rico ya que los puertorriqueños deseamos ser parte de U.
  • How will Trump handle our Territories? Puerto Rico – A new State?

We are watching for an answer from the new president.

Mr. Trump did say these words, during his speech at the inauguration: “So to all Americans, in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, and from ocean to ocean, hear these words: You will never be ignored again!”

These words could apply to Puerto Rico, where the voters have been U.S. citizens for a century and still can’t vote for the president of the United States. Where a 2012 vote in which 61% chose statehood has still not led to a vote on statehood in the U.S. Congress. And where funding for healthcare and assistance for the disabled are significantly less than in any state.

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