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Puerto Ricans Blame All Levels of Government for Inadequate Hurricane Response

A Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll has found that Puerto Ricans are critical of all levels of government for their responses to Hurricane Maria last year.

When asked how they would rate the job of various public officials, 80% responded that President Trump did a fair or poor job, with slightly more than half giving him the lowest rating of poor.

This is only slightly worse, however, than the rating of the Puerto Rican government, which 74% of respondents said had done a poor or fair job.  Thirty-four percent responded that the territorial government had done a poor job.

Only 31% of respondent believe that Gov. Ricardo Rossello is doing at least a good job, and 67% believe he has done a fair or poor job.

Municipal governments fared better, but not by much.  Fifty-eight percent of respondents answered that their local governments had done a poor (33%) or fair job, and only 41 percent indicated that their local governments had done a good, very good or excellent job of responding to Hurricane Maria.

The study, conducted from July 3 to August 29, involved in-person surveys of 1,500 randomly selected Puerto Rican residents who lived in the U.S. territory when Hurricane Maria struck.

Click here to see official survey results.

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