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Puerto Ricans Lobby Congress to Honor Plebiscite Vote

More than one hundred advocates of Puerto Rican statehood and Puerto Rican independence are joining forces this week in Washington to advocate an end to the island’s territorial status.

The two groups are promoting the results of the first of questions on the plebiscite ballot, in which 54% of voters indicated that they would like for Puerto Rico to end its present form of territorial status.  Proponents of statehood and independence will be meeting with members of Congress and staff to honor the results of the plebiscite and move towards ending Puerto Rico’s status as a territory of the United States.

They intend to support the work of Puerto Rican Resident Commissioner, Puerto Rico’s lone representative in Washington, who has been speaking with his colleagues in Congress and the officials in the White House about recognizing the plebiscite results and taking next steps in achieving Puerto Rican self determination.

According to El Vocero, groups participating in the Washington meetings include:  Boricua ¡Ahora Es!,  Igualdad Futuro Seguro, Alianza Pro Libre Asociación de Puerto Rico (ALAS), Young Democrats, Young Republicans and Renacer Ideológico Estadista (RIE).


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