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Puerto Rico Debt Syllabus

The Puerto Rico Debt Syllabus is collection of links to articles, websites, and multimedia on Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. It was recently launched by the Unpayable Debt Working Group.It constitutes an impressive storehouse of references for teachers of geography, economics, digital literacy, and critical thinking.

The resources are divided into six groupings:


Within each division there are subdivisions, such as the page on PROMESA  under Resistance or the page on Healthcare and Education under Everyday Crisis.

Each page lists articles, and often primary sources and multimedia as well. Both Spanish and English language resources are included.

There is also an extended bibliography of books that can give deeper understanding and greater context, as well as listings of relevant organizations. .

The authors welcome suggestions for additional resources. Their goal is to help people understand the connection between Puerto Rico’s history and the current debt crisis, and to draw attention to activist efforts to combat austerity as the primary solution to the crisis.

While some online syllabi of this kind include discussion questions, the Puerto Rico Syllabus is strictly a reading list. However, the curated collection will make it possible for educators to put together studies and classes on the subject much more easily than they otherwise could. The topic is one that is not covered in textbooks, and the syllabus provides access to a range of views and primary sources.

The authors intend to produce further syllabi on unpayable debt in other regions.

The articles below from the Puerto Rico Report represent a sample of our information about Puerto Rico’s debt crisis:

Bankruptcy for Puerto Rico?

Trump: “I’m the King of Debt”

Puerto Rico’s Debt Is a Human Rights Issue, Says U.N. Expert

Origins of the Puerto Rico Fiscal Crisis

Debt, Financial Crisis, and Puerto Rico’s Political Status

1 thought on “Puerto Rico Debt Syllabus”

  1. Apparently, the authors of the syllabus are separatists & leftists.
    While the topics are informative, The chosen titles clearly betray the anti statehood /anti US bias of the syllabus.

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