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Rep. Gutiérrez: Puerto Rico Must Create a Plan and Congress Must Act

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives this morning about Puerto Rico and the debt crisis it faces. His message was that Puerto Ricans must come up with a plan and make Congress act on that plan, otherwise Washington or Wall Street will develop a plan that does not take the needs of the Puerto Rican people seriously.

In a mix of English and Spanish, Rep. Gutierrez spoke on the floor in front of a map of Puerto Rico and first introduced his colleagues to the Island:

“We own it. It is ours and we are responsible for it. The Congress of the United States governs this island. It is our colony and we rule over it. And it is $73 billion dollars in debt. And apparently, the responsibility to govern Puerto Rico falls to the Congress and not to the Executive Branch, because for the last six-months or more, I have talked with Obama Administration officials at every level about Puerto Rico and their response has been that they cannot or will not do anything. The message I received loud and clear – anything to help Puerto Rico had better happen in Congress.”


He closed by calling on Puerto Rico to come up with a plan of its own, urging the creation of “a plan for the economy that will create jobs and not just drive young people off of the island to the U.S. on Jet Blue.”

The Congressman said he planned to speak again on the House Floor tomorrow about Puerto Rico’s debt crisis.

The video of today’s speech is here:

3 thoughts on “Rep. Gutiérrez: Puerto Rico Must Create a Plan and Congress Must Act”

  1. This is another Chicago liberal despot, a member of the US Communist Party,and staunch advocate for Independence for Puerto Rico by Fiat.
    Guttierrez has joined with the “commonweath “party time and time again to TORPEDO all Congressional action that may open the door to ststehood.
    He’s a true POS.

  2. Ever heard of “the Honorable” Luis Gutiérrez’s esteemed Damocrat Congressional colleague, “the Honorable” Chaka Fattah? If not, look him up. What you’ll discover is that Chaka (whose birth name, incidentally, was an insufficently “person of color” Arthur Davenport) faces massive Federal corruption charges. With any luck, LG will be next. On the other hand, LG was the first Latino Member of Congress to endorse BHO in 2008, so maybe he’ll “walk.”

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