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Rep. Kildee

Rep. Kildee (D-MI), Statement before the House Natural Resources Committee, October 4, 2000, p. 29.  I think this proposal is legal fiction, at best, and a hoax, at worst.  I do not see how it can be done.  But if it could be done, if this legal fiction somehow could be defictionalized, then you could have that theoretical situation of one U.S. citizen voting against another U.S. citizen in the [United Nations].  It is never going to happen because I think this thing is patently unconstitutional.

They could join NATO and have a NATO representative and we would have a NATO representative, maybe at odds with one another.  I mean, I really believe that this is such a bit of legal fiction.  I am glad, however, that we are having this hearing because I think it is important that the people of Puerto Rico know what real valid options are available to them.  And I will support whatever they choose, but this is not a valid option available to them.  It is a legal fiction or a hoax.

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