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Romney Would Advance Statehood with Slim Majority Support

Caribbean Business is reporting that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign website is now posting a promise to advance statehood for Puerto Rico if even a slim majority choose that option in the upcoming plebiscite vote. 

On the Puerto Rico issue page of his website, Governor Romney explicitly pledges to work with Governor Fortuno and Congress to ensure statehood for Puerto Rico if a simple majority of 50% plus one voter selects that choice on November 6th.  The issue page, written in Spanish, explains that Romney will not impose any additional conditions for the territory to transition into a state beyond the majority vote.  Romney also commits to providing the necessary leadership and resources to finally resolve the question of Puerto Rico’s political status.

The web site begins its discussion of Puerto Rico by highlighting how the rich legacy of Puerto Rico has enhanced the broader U.S. culture.  The Romney brief also recognizes the strong tradition of Puerto Rican military leadership, noting in particular how Puerto Rican Armed Forces have fought bravely to defend the United States.

Romney’s Puerto Rico issue brief notes that each job created in Puerto Rico represents a new American job.  The website ties in national economic growth, education, energy independence, and deficit reduction to the more regional goal of Puerto Rican advancement.

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