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Rossello Lead Over Bernier Grows

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate David Bernier has dramatically lost support during the past two months, widening the lead of New Progressive Party (NPP) candidate Ricardo Rossello, according to a recent poll.

Rossello led David Bernier 40% to 28% in the survey of 1,000 voters October 2-6 with an error margin of +/- 3.1%. In the same poll at the beginning of August, the percentages were 42% to 35%. Among the 93% of those who said that they would definitely or probably vote in the survey for El Nuevo Dia, Rossello had 42% and Bernier 29%.

The changes in the race were due to significant increases in the amount of support going to the two independent candidates. One grew her backing from four to 13%. The other went from two to nine percent. Only three percent of those polled were for the Independence Party candidate and only one percent were for another ‘third party’ hopeful.

Other results of the poll pointed to an NPP sweep in the elections in which all elective offices are up for grabs. NPP candidate for resident commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez scored 50% to 34% for PDP hopeful Hector Ferrer. Five percent went to the two third party candidates. There are no independent candidates. Two months ago, Gonzalez was favored by 49% to Ferrer’s 36%.

Additionally, 61% of voters said that they would vote a straight party ticket compared with 23% who would mix their votes for governor and resident commissioner.

Rossello also has a huge financial advantage in the last four weeks of the campaign, although Bernier hopes to narrow it with two major fundraising events this weekend. The NPP candidate has nearly $1.7 million in his campaign account; Bernier has less than $155,000.

1 thought on “Rossello Lead Over Bernier Grows”

  1. That Bernier, of the incumbent populist Democrats cannot get donors says a lot on how despised the Padilla’s administration is.
    Bernier was Padilla’s Sec of State & rubber stamp.

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