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Special to the Puerto Rico Report

A recent survey of 701 Puerto Rican voters registered and living in Florida demonstrated the overwhelming support for statehood amongst this critical group of voters in the electorally important state of Florida. By a 79% to 16% of respondents favored statehood, with 63% indicating that they strongly favored making Puerto Rico the 51st State.

The preference for statehood crossed all partisan lines with 81% of independents and 77% of Republicans joining 80% of Democrats supporting that status option.

With respect to the fall’s presidential race, while Hilary Clinton enjoys strong support amongst this critical group of voters, nearly 40% of undecided voters (and 35% of all voters) say that her failure to offer a clear endorsement of statehood will make them less likely to vote for her this November.

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  1. Trump released a official statement where he endorses self determination for Puerto Rico,promised to FORCE Congress to “do their job”- implementation if the votes in favor of statehood “

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