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Ambiguity Over Cash Calls Fiscal Plans into Question

Not knowing how much cash the Government of Puerto Rico really has available makes determining fiscal plans for it difficult, Financial Oversight and Management Board Member Jose Ramon Gonzalez said after today’s Board hearing on the Government’s cash position. He added that the information was also needed to enable the Government to draw down loans… Read more »

Board Seeks New Fiscal Plans in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

The Puerto Rico Financial Oversight and Management Board “is actively working to assess how” the 10-year fiscal adjustment plans for the Government of Puerto Rico and several of its instrumentalities that it adopted “should change in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.” In a letter released Saturday, the Board wrote  to eleven Democratic U.S. Senators… Read more »

A United Front for Puerto Rico Announces Trump Visit, Outlines Priorities

  The history of the relationship between opposing political parties in Puerto Rico has never been characterized as united. Politicians from the Commonwealth party and from the Statehood party usually do not agree on how to address important issues affecting the island. Through an initiative of Governor Ricardo Roselló, the “Frente por Puerto Rico” –… Read more »

Governor Submits Alternative Fiscal Plan

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello (New Progressive Party) submitted a 10-year fiscal adjustment plan to Puerto Rico’s federally-imposed Financial Oversight and Management Board just before the midnight deadline last night. It begins by calculating the budget gap over the decade at $55.2 billion versus the $67.5 billion earlier cited by the Board, relying on numbers… Read more »

Former Governor Alejandro García Padilla: Citizen of the U.S. or Spain?

  Alejandro García Padilla (Popular Democratic Party), the former governor of Puerto Rico, is a U.S. citizen, as are all people born in Puerto Rico. According to recent press reports, García Padilla is now also a Spanish citizen. This raises an interesting question: Can an individual be an American citizen and a citizen of another sovereign nation? According to the Consulate General… Read more »

Consideration of Puerto Rico Senate’s Status Bill Postponed

The Puerto Rico Senate has delayed consideration of legislation calling for a federally-sponsored referendum on Puerto Rico’s political status. The bill, called “The Law for the Immediate Decolonization of Puerto Rico (S.B. 51), ” was introduced by Thomas Rivera Schatz, President of the Puerto Rico Senate. The proposal originally set the date for the next Puerto Rico plebiscite… Read more »

New Puerto Rico Status Vote

In 2014, Washington approved a $2.5 million appropriation for a new status plebiscite in Puerto Rico, the first federally funded vote on the Island’s status. Former governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla promised to hold the plebiscite in 2016, but this did not take place. Now, the Puerto Rico legislature is considering a bill to hold the… Read more »