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Who Can Vote in the 2020 Plebiscite?

The next Puerto Rico status vote will take place during the general election in November 2020. The U.S. citizens who are registered to vote in Puerto Rico will be able to vote yes or no for statehood for Puerto Rico. No one else will be allowed to vote. But in the floor debate before the… Read more »

Puerto Rico Statehood Commission Demands Seats in Congress

The Puerto Rico Statehood Commission went to Washington to put the Tennessee Plan into operation. The seven members of the Commission: Former Governor Carlos Romero Barcelo Former Governor Pedro Rosselló González Former Governor Luis Fortuño Former Senate President Charlie Rodríguez Colón Baseball Hall of Fame member Iván Rodríguez Torres GOP Committee representative Zoraida Fonalledas Brigadier… Read more »

The Puerto Rico Statehood Commission

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello is committed to making Puerto Rico statehood a reality, now that 97% of Puerto Rico voters have chosen statehood in the most recent referendum in June. The next step toward statehood is for Congress to vote to admit Puerto Rico. Thirty-two U.S. territories have already become U.S. states. After they… Read more »

Puerto Rico Moves on Tennessee Plan

Back in 1796, the Territory of Tennessee decided that Congress was moving too slowly on granting them statehood. In a plebiscite, 73% of the voters had favored statehood, and they were ready to take on the rights and responsibilities of a state. The people of Tennessee declared the territory to be a state, elected senators… Read more »

Witnesses Announced for Upcoming Congressional Hearing on Puerto Rico Status

The witness list for the Wednesday, June 24th, hearing before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Native Alaskan Affairs has been released.    The long list of witnesses, spread across two panels, includes representatives from the Statehood (PNP), Commonwealth (PPD) and Independence (PIP) political parties in Puerto Rico.  Current and former elected… Read more »

Statehooders Want Statehood Bill to Implement Obama Status Vote Plan

Puerto Rico’s statehood party leadership yesterday agreed to seek Federal legislation to make the territory a State. The legislation will be sponsored next month by the party president, who is also Puerto Rico’s representative to the Federal government with a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, although with a vote only in committees, Pedro… Read more »

Florida’s Puerto Ricans: A Swing Vote in a Swing State

Florida is a “must win” state for Romney, and polling in the final stretch of the presidential campaign shows him with an edge.  Given the solid support for President Obama in the critical swing state in 2008, it is worth examining what is different this time.  The state’s emerging Puerto Rico population may hold some… Read more »