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Puerto Rico Suffers from Presidential Particularism

President Trump has received a lot of criticism for the slow federal response to the damage resulting from Hurricane Maria’s landfall in Puerto Rico. Hillary Clinton suggested that Trump was unaware (as are roughly half of Americans, according to some polls) that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. Trump himself explained that Puerto Rico is “an… Read more »

Puerto Rico Political Power Flips to PNP

Near final results in Puerto Rico mean that the now divided Popular Democratic Party (PPD) representation of the territory will be replaced by a unified, powerful, and aggressive New Progressive Party (PNP) team in January that has a vastly different approach to issues. The NPP candidates for governor, Ricardo Rossello, and resident commissioner in the… Read more »

Puerto Rico and the Electoral College

People born in Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States and can vote in presidential elections — as long as they live in one of the 50 states. If they live in Puerto Rico, they cannot vote for their president. Nor can residents of Puerto Rico who were born in a state vote in… Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Puerto Rico

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wrote about her plan for Puerto Rico in an article in La Prensa. Clinton began with a clear statement about the functioning of the PROMESA fiscal oversight board. The board has met twice in New York and has given Governor Garcia Padilla an Oct. 14 deadline to produce a ternaround plan, but… Read more »

Will Hillary Clinton’s Child Tax Credit Proposal Include Puerto Rico?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced this week her plan to expand the Child Tax Credit for families with young children. The Clinton plan would double the Child Tax Credit to up to $2,000 per child under five years of age and lower the threshold for claiming a refund from $3,000 in earnings to “the first dollar of… Read more »

4/5 of Florida Puerto Ricans: Statehood? Yes

Support for statehood for Puerto Rico among the voters who may decide the next presidential election continues to grow, according to a new scientific poll. The poll surveyed voters of Puerto Rican origin in Florida. The State is widely considered to be a top ‘Swing State’ that may decide the election. The votes of Puerto… Read more »

Clinton Wins Puerto Rico Primary

Hillary Clinton has won the Puerto Rico Democratic primary according to the Associated Press. The victory falls on the heels of her victory Saturday in the U.S. Virgin Islands territorial caucuses. The former Secretary of State is also favored to win upcoming primaries on Tuesday, June 7th, in California and New Jersey. Clinton handily won… Read more »