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Should Puerto Ricans Vote for President and Have a Vote in Congress?

One of the areas of inequality stemming from Puerto Rico’s being a territory of the United States rather than a state is the fact that residents of Puerto Rico cannot vote in U.S. presidential elections. While presidential primaries are held on the Island, it is not the individual people of the United States who vote… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Endorses Right of Puerto Ricans to Vote for President, Supports Up or Down Vote on Statehood

Following some questions about Hillary Clinton’s position on statehood for Puerto Rico, the presumptive Democratic party nominee for this year’s presidential race has released a clarifying statement: The people of Puerto Rico have a proud history and a distinct heritage–and as American citizens, they are entitled to have their voices heard on critical issues that affect them…. Read more »

Secretary Clinton Clarifies Support for Statehood, Recognizes 2012 Vote

Puerto Rican news outlet El Nuevo Dia reported last month that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was “avoiding” endorsing statehood for Puerto Rico. An article in El Nuevo Dia from last Friday clarifies the Clinton camp’s position. “In Puerto Rico I was asked if Secretary Clinton recognizes the result of the first question of the status plebiscite… Read more »

Clinton Writes to Puerto Rican Leaders in Orlando

Although former Secretary of State and curent presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not attend the meeting of leaders of the Puerto Rican diaspora in Orlando last week, she sent the following letter: Dear Friends: Thank you for the invitation to join you today—I wish I could be with you in person. I’m heartened that you’ve… Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s Commitment to Resolving Puerto Rico’s Political Status, Improving Health Care

Hillary Clinton’s visit to Puerto Rico tomorrow represents a return to one of her strongest bases of support.  In 2008, Clinton won a resounding 68% of the vote in the presidential primary, demonstrating popular support and a strong command of Puerto Rico-specific issues.  Of the many 2016 presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton’s views on Puerto Rico’s status remain the… Read more »

Clinton and Rubio Both to Campaign in Puerto Rico on Friday

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio may or may not get to compete against each other in 2016, but they’re campaigning in Puerto Rico at the same time, if not exactly together. Why campaign in a territory where residents do not get to vote in presidential elections? First, Puerto Rico gets to vote in primaries and… Read more »

Clinton Announces Support for Puerto Rico Access to U.S. Bankruptcy Law, Cites Inconsistent Treatment in Economic Decline

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced this morning that she supports providing Puerto Rico’s public entities access to U.S. bankruptcy law to restructure the territory’s $72 billion in debt. “The people of Puerto Rico, our fellow American Citizens, are hurting right now under a weak economy that has been struggling for years. Puerto Ricans are proud American citizens… Read more »