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The Truth Behind the Boycott over “Commonwealth”

Much has been written about the boycott of the June 11 plebiscite by Puerto Rico’s second-largest political party, the Popular Democratic Party (PPD, for its acronym in Spanish). Yet not much is said about the reasons used to justify the boycott in the first place. To answer this question, a chronological review is in order…. Read more »

Serrano and Velazquez Make Demands of Oversight Board

Reps. José Serrano (D-NY) and Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) have written a letter to Puerto Rico’s PROMESA Financial Oversight Board, demanding greater transparency and better stewardship of public funds. “It has come to our attention,” the New York representatives wrote, “that the Oversight Board has spent over $30 million—which comes from Puerto Rican taxpayers—for salaries, equipment,… Read more »

The Puerto Rican Diaspora Influencing Status

In the run-up to the recent status plebiscite in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican diaspora — people who have moved to the States from Puerto Rico and their descendants — came up in more than one context. First, there are those who believe that the diaspora should have a say in votes on the political… Read more »

Velázquez Introduces Puerto Rico Small Business Assistance Act

Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY), who is the lead Democrat on the House Small Business Committee, has introduced a new bill, “The Puerto Rico Small Business Assistance Act,” designed to spur small business growth and entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico.” “We’ve seen time and again throughout the U.S. how entrepreneurship can be a path out of… Read more »

Velasquez and Serrano Express Concern About Austerity Measures to PROMESA Board

Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) and Rep. José E. Serrano (D-NY) have written to the PROMESA fiscal oversight board to encourage caution about implementing austerity measures. “We are pleased,” they wrote in the May 11 letter “that last week the Financial Oversight Management Board for Puerto Rico took advantage of the powerful court-supervised restructuring tools provided by… Read more »

Rep. José E. Serrano Affirms: Puerto Rico’s Economic Situation Cannot be Resolved until Political Status Question is Answered

Congressman José E. Serrano made public his recommendations to the PROMESA-mandated Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico. Describing himself as “the most senior member of Congress of Puerto Rican descent,” Serrano listed “items which will improve the economic development of Puerto Rico and help working families on the island.” Puerto Rico’s political status… Read more »

Serrano Reacts to Puerto Rico Status in Obama Budget

Washington, DC – April 10, 2013 – After reviewing the outlines of the President’s budget proposal for 2014, Congressman Serrano reacted to the inclusion of funds for a Puerto Rico status process with the following statement. “I am pleased that the President’s budget has prioritized funding for a referendum on permanent and Constitutional status options… Read more »