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Serrano: Plebiscite an “Earthquake” in Puerto Rican Politics

Puerto Rican born U.S. Congressman José E. Serrano (D-NY), has issued a statement regarding the November 6th plebiscite in Puerto Rico.  In comments analyzing the 2012 national election results generally, Rep. Serrano made special mention of the outcome of Puerto Rico’s forth plebiscite since becoming a territory of the United States in 1898: “I was particularly impressed with the… Read more »

Representative Jose Serrano

Representative Jose Serrano (D-NY), Statement before the House Natural Resources Committee, March 22, 2007, p. 14.  [N]o one in Puerto Rico supports the present status.  When they say they support commonwealth, they support a new commonwealth, which I call a letter to the Three Kings or a letter to Santa Claus.  Because it says let… Read more »