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Clinton and Rubio Both to Campaign in Puerto Rico on Friday

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio may or may not get to compete against each other in 2016, but they’re campaigning in Puerto Rico at the same time, if not exactly together. Why campaign in a territory where residents do not get to vote in presidential elections? First, Puerto Rico gets to vote in primaries and… Read more »

Rubio Addresses Puerto Rico Status, Calls for a Two-Option Ballot Plebiscite

Following a ceremony honoring Puerto Rico’s Borinqueneers earlier this week, Sen. Marco Rubio stated his support for a two-option ballot to guide Puerto Rico’s next plebiscite.  Answering a question from a reporter about his position on Puerto Rico statehood, Sen. Rubio first  emphasized the importance of deferring to the people of Puerto Rico regarding the islands’ status and… Read more »