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Partisan Puerto Rico?

Statehood for Puerto Rico has been championed by the national Republican Party and by many Republican elected leaders, including Presidents Ford, Reagan, George H.W. Bush to name a few.  But some Republicans fear that a State of Puerto Rico would be a Democratic State. The truth is that the national political orientation of a State… Read more »

The Republican National Committee Hires Izzy Santa

According to Voxxi, the Republican National Committee is hiring Izzy Santa, former deputy communications director for Mitt Romney’s Ohio campaign and communications director for the Ohio Republican Party, as Hispanic Media Communications Director. Santa, who is from Puerto Rico, has extensive experience with communications and media relations: Communications Manager of Industry Affairs at the Consumer… Read more »

Can the GOP Woo the Latino Vote?

In 10 things the GOP can do to turn the tide with Latino voters, Samuel Rosado and Brittney Morrett list some steps Republicans could take to improve their position with Hispanic voters in the U.S., including making Puerto Rico the 51st state.

America for All Americans

Recent gains by presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Florida are prompting some analysts to question whether either campaign should continue to pour resources into the state during the final weeks of the campaign.  Florida, the thinking goes, has moved into the Republican column, while President Obama’s relative strength elsewhere makes the state less important for a… Read more »

Romney Would Advance Statehood with Slim Majority Support

Caribbean Business is reporting that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign website is now posting a promise to advance statehood for Puerto Rico if even a slim majority choose that option in the upcoming plebiscite vote. 

Fairness for Puerto Rico and the “47%”

“There are forty-seven percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what….These are people who pay no income tax,” said Mitt Romney at a now well-known fundraising event. The quote became fodder for television newscasts and Obama campaign commercials. Many Americans were startled to learn that nearly half of all U.S. households… Read more »

Justice Sotomayor, Baseball and What America Stands For

Puerto Rican voters in Florida are targeted in a new Spanish-language television commercial launched by the Obama campaign that criticizes Mitt Romney for saying he would have opposed Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Fortuño and Vela at the Republican Convention

Puerto Rico’s first lady Luce Vela Fortuño introduced Ann Romney at the Republican Convention in Tampa last night, first highlighting Governor Luis Fortuño’s “success story of fiscal responsibility.. and compassionate attention to a social and faith-based agenda of unprecedented reach and consequence.”

Puerto Ricans’ Growing Influence in Florida and Presidential Politics: Part II

Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns are paying more attention than ever to Florida’s Puerto Ricans this election cycle.  Most recently, President Obama visited Orlando in early August, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio visited the same area that day to campaign for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.