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Pierluisi: Puerto Rico’s Territory Status Undignified, Unsustainable

Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner for the past eight years, delivered his final floor speech on December 7th, 2016. Beginning with thanks to his colleagues, his staff, and his family, Pierluisi conceded that, “It is impossible to condense eight action-packed years into five minutes.  However, if there is a central theme to my tenure… Read more »

Pierluisi Concedes to Rosselló in Race for Governor

Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi has conceded to Ricardo Rosselló in the race to become the New Progressive Party’s (NPP) 2016 gubernatorial candidate. “It hurts me on a personal basis, but at the same time I must say that the cause [the NPP] stands for is bigger than the personal aspirations of its leaders,”… Read more »

Pierluisi Proposes Legislation to Authorize a Federal Guarantee for Puerto Rico Bonds

Piedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner in the U.S. House of Representatives,  has introduced the Puerto Rico Financial Improvement and Bond Guarantee Act of 2015, which would authorize the U.S. Treasury to guarantee repayment of principal and interest on Puerto Rico bonds if it first determines that there has been “meaningful improvement in managing” public finances by the… Read more »

Pierluisi Says that Prosperity for Puerto Rico Requires Equality

In a Huffington Post blog post today, Puerto Rican Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi makes the case that equality for  Puerto Rico is required to achieve prosperity. “If you genuinely want to understand why Puerto Rico is mired in a crisis, but you disregard or downplay the lack of political and civil rights in the territory,… Read more »

Pierluisi: Puerto Rico Must Have Full Political and Civil Rights to Prosper

Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico’s only representative in the federal government, recently spoke to the New York University School of Law. His speech, “Shaping Puerto Rico’s Political and Economic Future,” addressed the practical consequences of the territorial status of Puerto Rico. Being a territory, Puerto Rico is unable to take part in the political life… Read more »

Pierluisi Explains Puerto Rico’s Status Requirements

Rep. Pierluisi began his speech to the new House of Representatives by saying that he had an issue of national importance to discuss. The mainland English language press has not mentioned the speech at all, but social media is spreading the word. The video is nearing 3,000 views at YouTube in just a matter of… Read more »