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Pierluisi: Puerto Rico Must Have Full Political and Civil Rights to Prosper

Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico’s only representative in the federal government, recently spoke to the New York University School of Law. His speech, “Shaping Puerto Rico’s Political and Economic Future,” addressed the practical consequences of the territorial status of Puerto Rico. Being a territory, Puerto Rico is unable to take part in the political life… Read more »

Pierluisi Explains Puerto Rico’s Status Requirements

Rep. Pierluisi began his speech to the new House of Representatives by saying that he had an issue of national importance to discuss. The mainland English language press has not mentioned the speech at all, but social media is spreading the word. The video is nearing 3,000 views at YouTube in just a matter of… Read more »

Pierluisi Requests Guidance from the Obama Administration on Status Vote

Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico’s only representative in the U.S. Congress, wrote a letter to President Obama on January 6th, 2015, asking for either the President or Attorney General to provide guidance to the people of Puerto Rico as to whether a federally sponsored yes-or-no vote on statehood would satisfy the requirements of the January 2014 federal law… Read more »

Pierluisi Credits New Federal Resources in Reducing Homicide Rate

Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi met earlier this week with the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, to discuss the Coast Guard’s efforts to reduce drug trafficking and related violence in Puerto Rico.  At the same time, Admiral Zukunft announced an increase in the number of Coast Guard personnel assigned to Puerto… Read more »

Pierluisi Shares Puerto Rico’s Narrative of Violence

At the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Oversight Hearing on Wednesday, June 11, before the House Committee on the Judiciary, Rep. Pierluisi asked FBI Director James Comey to consider some facts about violence and drug trafficking in Puerto Rico, the highest population U.S. territory: Puerto Rico is home to fewer than four million American citizens. In… Read more »

Pierluisi Honors Puerto Rico’s Military

Rep. Pedro Pierluisi honored the military men and women of Puerto Rico in a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Pierluisi reminded his fellow representatives that Puerto Ricans have served in the military in disproportionate numbers in every conflict since World War I. Speaking of the portraits of fallen soldiers… Read more »

Pierluisi Sets the Record Straight on Puerto Rico Plebiscite

On May 20, 2013, Puerto Rico’s Governor, Alejandro Garcia-Padilla, wrote an article for The Hill entitled “Moving forward together.” In the article, the governor expressed his opinions surrounding the results of the November 2012 plebiscite; specifically, Governor Garcia-Padilla wrote “[t]he results of the Nov. 6, 2012 [plebiscite] are inconclusive — none of the options for… Read more »

Pierluisi Introduces Historic Legislation

Puerto Rico has been called the shining star of the Caribbean.  The time has come for our star to shine, alongside the others, on the flag of the United States of America. This stirring call to action is the closing of Rep. Pedro Pierluisi’s speech to Congress on the subject of Puerto Rico’s request for… Read more »