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Rossello To Fight Board over PREPA

The administration of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares made clear this afternoon that it would not accept the decision of the territory’s federally-named Financial Oversight and Management Board to make its infrastructure permitting (“Revitalization”) coordinator, Noel Zamont, the “emergency manager” and “Chief Transformation Officer” of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA). The Governor’s Secretary of… Read more »

Governor Rossello Addresses Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico

On Wednesday Oct. 11, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello was interviewed by Neil Cavuto of Fox Business News. The interview was focused on the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Cavuto began the interview asking Rossello of the urgency to receive the $5 billion requested by Congress. “We need it as soon as possible. That’s why… Read more »

Governor Rosselló Addresses the Nation as Hurricane Maria Approaches

Governor Ricardo Rosselló addressed the United States with gratitude this afternoon as Hurricane Maria approached the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico as a Category 5 storm.  His remarks appear below. My fellow Americans, as I speak to you right now the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is just hours away from being hit by Hurricane… Read more »

Rossello Asks Fellow Governors for Support

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló has sent letters to the governors of several states asking for their help in persuading their state delegations in Congress to help address the rapidly approaching drop in federal health care funding for Puerto Rico, known as the Medicaid Cliff. The letter, as first reported by NBC news, was sent to… Read more »

Rosselló’s Office Vows to Keep Fighting for Medicaid Funding

Recognizing that healthcare funding for Puerto Rico was not included in federal legislation introduced last week to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s top aide in Washington, D.C. has vowed to continue to fight for critical resources. “It is what it is. We are a territory. These types of bills never include… Read more »

Governor Rossello Responds to PROMESA Board

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló sent a letter this week to PROMESA Board Chairman José Carrión outlining the actions he has taken so far and the actions he plans to take to address Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. Rossello’s letter began by expressing some degree of agreement, but also taking a stand on points of disagreement:… Read more »

Rossello Pledges “Good Faith” Debt Talks

  Governor-Elect Ricardo Rossello (New Progressive Party/PNP) signaled changes in the Government of Puerto Rico’s fiscal course in naming two members of his top fiscal team yesterday. Raul Maldonado Gautier will be Secretary of the Treasury and Gerardo Jose Portela Franco will be Director of the Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority that the territorial… Read more »

Rossello Outlines Administration Initiatives

Puerto Rico Governor-Elect Ricardo Rossello (New Progressive Party) is quoted this morning in El Nuevo Dia as saying that he will begin talks with creditors as soon as next week. His goal is to save up to $800 million a year in debt costs over five to seven years. Options for accomplishing this including renegotiating as… Read more »