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Puerto Rico in National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins September 15 and continues to October 15. Across the country, classrooms will build piñatas, learn a few words of Spanish, and study some individuals from Spanish-speaking countries. Before Hurricane Maria, 25 freshmen in a Midwestern college classroom were asked about Puerto Rico’s government. One student knew that Puerto Rico is… Read more »

Alex Cora New Manager for the Red Sox

The Red Sox have a new manager. Alex Cora, leaving the Houston Astros for the Red Sox, was also the General Manager of what is being described as “the Puerto Rico national team.” Puerto Rico is not a nation, so there is no national team, strictly speaking. But “territorial team” doesn’t sound right, so the… Read more »

Menendez: Puerto Rico Is Getting a Raw Deal

Robert Menendez said this in his floor speech: I would hope to prick the conscience of the Senate about the 3.5 million U.S. citizens who just happen to live on the island of Puerto Rico and to do something before this crisis transforms into a full-blown human catastrophe. These 3.5 million Americans who call Puerto… Read more »

Roberto Clemente and Puerto Ricans as Outsiders

Last week, Tara Sherry-Torres and Jesabel Rivera, the president of the Latin American Cultural Union in Greenfield, Pennsylvania, wrote a letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to make the point that, in their words, “Puerto Ricans are not outsiders.” Mayor Bill Peduto, they pointed out, had declared September 16th “Roberto Clemente Day” for the city… Read more »

Saint Roberto Clemente?

Roberto Clemente, a Puerto Rican baseball player who is known almost equally well for his philanthropy, has been proposed as a saint of the Catholic church. The process of canonization, or becoming a saint, is complex and lengthy. It can take centuries for an individual to be canonized. A man name Richard Rossi is working… Read more »

A New Chapter in Puerto Rico’s Baseball Story

Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association have announced a new league: the Puerto Rico Summer League. quotes executive director of the MLBPA Tony Clark as saying, “Puerto Rico has produced some of the greatest players to have played our great game, and the creation of the new summer league honors… Read more »

A Congressional Gold Medal for the Borinqueneers: A Team Effort

On Tuesday, June 10th, President Obama will sign into law a bill to award the Borinqueneers the Congressional Gold Medal. The news came in a press release from Rep. Pedro Pierluisi, who said, At last, justice is being done.  The 65th Infantry Regiment will join baseball star and humanitarian Roberto Clemente as the only Hispanics… Read more »

Puerto Rico’s Olympic Team: How Important Is It?

Puerto Rico’s basketball team has lost to Lithuania in the FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament, disqualifying it from Olympic consideration this year. Puerto Rico has fielded an Olympic team since 1948, when, according to the Wall Street Journal, “the International Olympic Committee was in the market for members” following the upheaval of World War II. Puerto… Read more »