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The Evolution of the “Commonwealth” Label During the Cold War

The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico has been referred to as a “commonwealth” since 1952, when the federal government approved the Puerto Rico Constitution and granted the island authority to conduct its local affairs.  Yet “commonwealth” is only a title in the island’s local constitution, and the 1952 law did not change Puerto Rico’s status.  Official… Read more »

Puerto Rico’s Status: Who Should Decide?

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States that has not been incorporated into the country — even though it is treated like a State under most laws. Because it has not been made a permanent part of the United States, Puerto Rico can become a separate nation or a U.S. State. And, as a nation,… Read more »

Puerto Russia?

“Puerto Rico,” wrote columnist Ralph Benko at Forbes,  “is in the terribly awkward position of territorial status.” Benko summarizes the awkwardness with a focus on the lack of representation of Puerto Rico in the Federal government. The former aide to conservative Republican President Ronald Reagan goes on to note that: Puerto Ricans are seeking statehood; Federal… Read more »

Bill Gates Says the Way U.S. Treats Puerto Rico is “Just Wrong”

In a Rolling Stone interview published yesterday, Bill Gates is quoted as saying that the way the U.S. treats Puerto Rico is “just wrong.” Answering a question about income inequality in the United States, the richest man in the world responded: “When we get things right, it benefits the entire world. The world’s governments don’t copy everything… Read more »

Members of Congress Express Commitment to Equality for Puerto Ricans

Last week’s rally in Washington, D.C., brought out some strong statements in favor of self-determination for Puerto Rico. Rep. Raul Labrador’s speech consisted of a reading of Ronald Reagan’s 1982 letter calling for self-determination for the island. “When I announced my candidacy for this office more than 2 years ago,” Reagan said in that letter,… Read more »

A Letter from Ronald Reagan: Statehood Would Benefit All Americans

In 1989, former President Ronald Reagan sent a letter to former Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Ferre. Dear Luis, Please forgive the tardiness of my response, but, unfortunately, with the hazards of transition, your letter just recently reached my attention. My beliefs toward Puerto Rico statehood remain as they were while I was in office…. Read more »