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Puerto Rico Board Writes Territory’s Budget & OK’s Bankruptcy for PREPA

Puerto Rico’s federally-imposed fiscal control board today determined the territory’s final central government budget for the fiscal year that begins tomorrow over objections of insular elected officials. Under PROMESA, the Financial Oversight and Management Board’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018 is now deemed to be Puerto Rican law instead of the legislation enacted locally. The… Read more »

Puerto Rico Board Rejects Budget and PREPA Deal

The Puerto Rico financial control board in a closed meeting late yesterday rejected both the $9.256 billion budget for the territory’s central government for the fiscal year beginning Saturday and the debt restructuring agreement for the Electric Power Authority (PREPA). Both had been approved by the islands’ elected leaders, with the PREPA debt deal also… Read more »

Puerto Rico Leaders Meet with Members of Congress, Call for Action

A delegation from Puerto Rico including Governor Ricardo Rosselló, Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González-Colón and Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz met with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Michael S. Lee (R-UT),  House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT), and other members of Congress. In these meetings, the focus was on two points: Puerto Rico’s need… Read more »

Puerto Rico Plebiscite Will Include Choice to Remain a U.S. Territory

Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced this evening that the Puerto Rican government would proceed with the June 11th plebiscite despite the refusal of the U.S. Department of Justice to authorize the ballot without giving voters the option to remain a U.S. territory. “It is unacceptable to include the colony in a process to decolonize [Puerto Rico],” tweeted the… Read more »

Consideration of Puerto Rico Senate’s Status Bill Postponed

The Puerto Rico Senate has delayed consideration of legislation calling for a federally-sponsored referendum on Puerto Rico’s political status. The bill, called “The Law for the Immediate Decolonization of Puerto Rico (S.B. 51), ” was introduced by Thomas Rivera Schatz, President of the Puerto Rico Senate. The proposal originally set the date for the next Puerto Rico plebiscite… Read more »

Board, Gov-Elect Change Puerto Rico Fiscal Plan

Puerto Rico Financial Oversight and Management Board members and New Progressive Party (PNP) leaders elected last month to take over the reins of the territorial government early next month made clear earlier this week their intent to, first, adopt a more fiscal adjustment plan focusing more on local reforms than that submitted by Governor Alejandro… Read more »

The Value of Appointing Puerto Ricans on the Fiscal Oversight Board

Four U.S. senators — Robert Menendez (D-NJ),  Jeffrey Merkeley (D-OR), Cory Booker (D-NJ), and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — wrote letters to the individuals charged with appointing members of the fiscal oversight board mandated in PROMESA, the new law to address Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis.  The letters, one to the leaders of the house and senate,… Read more »

The Supreme Court Considers Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle

The Supreme Court held oral arguments yesterday on Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle. Although the case could represent a significant development in the debate concerning Puerto Rico’s political status, from most indications it appears that the Justices are considering the case within the narrow confines of the Constitution’s Double Jeopardy Clause, which prohibits a second… Read more »