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Gov Proposes Non-Citizens Vote — Including Illegal Residents

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla late yesterday announced that he will propose legislation to enable all residents of Puerto Rico who are not citizens to vote — including those in the U.S. territory in violation of Federal law. He made the announcement at an event with the president of the Dominican Republic marking the signing of… Read more »

Statehooders More Popular than Commonwealthers; Rossello Leads for Governor

Political status resolution activist Ricardo Rossello is the favorite for the statehood party nomination for governor of Puerto Rico in 2016, a poll released this morning shows. Among party members, the son of former Governor Pedro Rossello is ahead of party President Pedro Pierluisi 61% to 25% in the highly regarded semi-annual survey. Senator Thomas… Read more »

First Insular Law in 2017 Could Move Puerto Rico to Statehood

The president of the statehood party has promised that the first law he will sign if elected governor in 2016 will move Puerto Rico towards statehood. Pedro Pierluisi, who got more votes in the 2012 elections than Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla (“commonwealth” party) and is far more popular than Garcia in polls since then, is… Read more »

Islanders Move to Follow Tennessee’s Plan for Obtaining Statehood

Puerto Rico advocates of the territory becoming an equal and permanent part of the United States have agreed during the past week and a half to expand their efforts to make the Commonwealth a State of the U.S. A primary tactic will be to try to have Puerto Rico elect a ‘shadow’ congressional delegation. The… Read more »

“Puerto Rico Chose Statehood” March

July 27th was the birthday of José Celso Barbosa, and some Puerto Ricans celebrated it this year with a march from Dos Hermanos Bridge to the Capitol. The title of the march, “Puerto Rico Chose Statehood,” refers to the 2012 referendum, in which 61% of those who voted for a status for Puerto Rico chose… Read more »

Statehooder Far Ahead of Governor in Poll, Others Lead for Congress

Puerto Rico’s representative to the Federal government and statehood party president is the territory’s most popular candidate for governor by far, according to the first scientific and independent poll for the next elections. Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi had a commanding lead of 29.5% among eight possible candidates in the Inter-American University survey. Governor and “Commonwealth”… Read more »