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Half of Puerto Rico Still without Power

Puerto Rico’s government website on the status of Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria reports, as of this writing, that nearly 70% of Puerto Rico has electricity. Like the claim that more than 96% have safe water, this is not exactly true. That 70% figure, according to Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority interim Executive Director… Read more »

Rossello To Fight Board over PREPA

The administration of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares made clear this afternoon that it would not accept the decision of the territory’s federally-named Financial Oversight and Management Board to make its infrastructure permitting (“Revitalization”) coordinator, Noel Zamont, the “emergency manager” and “Chief Transformation Officer” of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA). The Governor’s Secretary of… Read more »

Members of Congress Continue to Speak Out for Puerto Rico Assistance

Members of Congress continued to express their support for Puerto Rico on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives last Thursday. On the Senate floor, remarks were heard from: Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE),  and Senator Bryan Schatz… Read more »

Governor Rosselló Addresses the Nation as Hurricane Maria Approaches

Governor Ricardo Rosselló addressed the United States with gratitude this afternoon as Hurricane Maria approached the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico as a Category 5 storm.  His remarks appear below. My fellow Americans, as I speak to you right now the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is just hours away from being hit by Hurricane… Read more »

Hurricane Irma Hits Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma hit the island of Barbuda directly and destroyed 95% of the structures there. Puerto Rico was braced for a similar experience, but Irma went north of the Island and Puerto Rico escaped this fate. That doesn’t mean that Puerto Rico was not affected by Hurricane Irma, a a Category 5 hurricane which is… Read more »

Trump Budget Increases Puerto Rico Medicaid by $600 Million

President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget proposal to increase Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico – which would essentially enable spending to continue at the current level – was a surprise that raises bigger questions. The proposal calls for Medicaid funding of $1,592.694,000 during the year that begins October 1st compared with spending this year of 1,631.834,000… Read more »

Puerto Rico to Receive $296 million in Medicaid Funding

Updated to include the Velazquez Medicaid letter to Speaker Ryan. Congress is expected to pass this week legislation that provides $296 million for Puerto Rico’s Medicaid program. The proposal, which was released early this morning, is scheduled for a vote before the House of Representatives on Wednesday.  A Senate vote could be held as early… Read more »

Gonzalez-Colon Calls on PROMESA Board to Speak Out on Healthcare Funding

Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, wrote to Jose Carrión, chair of the PROMESA fiscal oversight board, “I am writing to reiterate my request that you advise the Congress and the President of the United States of the need to replace the Federal funding for healthcare for low-income individuals that Puerto Rico will have… Read more »