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Economists Cite Need for Reliable Economic Data to Achieve Recovery in Puerto Rico

As PROMESA moved through the legislative process, one of the challenges facing bill drafters was the lack of reliable data on Puerto Rico. At the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on “Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Problems: Examining the Source and Exploring the Solution” on December 1, 2015, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) objected to plans to help Puerto Rico because “the… Read more »

Manufacturing Renaissance for Puerto Rico?

After 25 years of sending manufacturing jobs to Asia, the United States is seeing a return of manufacturing jobs. A 2013 Boston Consulting Group report said that more than half the major manufacturing companies surveyed were interested in bringing manufacturing back to North America. 20% are planning to do so in the near future and… Read more »

91 in U.S. House Have Sponsored Statehood Bill

Forty additional members of the U.S. House of Representatives have sponsored the bill to make Puerto Rico a State in 2021 if Puerto Ricans vote for the status again since the bill was first introduced by a symbolic 51 members seven weeks ago. The territory’s resident commissioner in the House, Pedro Pierluisi, is the bill’s… Read more »

Manufacturing in Puerto Rico: Falling Behind the States

Manufacturing in the United States as a whole is experiencing a renaissance. After years of offshoring, American manufacturing is adding new jobs at an impressive pace. Not so in Puerto Rico. In 2013, mainland manufacturing jobs rose at an average rate of 7,000 jobs per month. In 2014, the average was 16,000 jobs per month,… Read more »

Gov’s Highways Relief Bill Passed But He Doesn’t Like Amendments

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla is deciding whether to sign his bill to prevent financial failures of the Puerto Rico’s Highways and Transportation Authority and Government Development Bank as it was passed by the Legislative Assembly controlled by his “commonwealth” party last night. The bill would transfer the Authority’s $2 billion plus debt to the Government Bank… Read more »

Puerto Rico: Undefended Front in the War on Drugs

A CNN article reports that Puerto Rico, an island with a population of 3,706,690, had 1,136 murders last year — 70% of them related to drug trafficking. For perspective, consider that New York City, with a population of more than 8 million people, had 496 murders in 2011. Travelers from Puerto Rico to the mainland… Read more »