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The Last Colony

The Last Colony is a film from Juan Agustín Márquez, a director who has twice won Emmy awards. The filmmaker went back to his native Puerto Rico before last November’s plebiscite to explore further the complex relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States.

We’re looking forward to the launch of the film. Visit The Last Colony on Facebook and Like them so you can follow the final run up to the launch of the film.

While you’re on Facebook, visit Puerto Rico Report, too. We strive to bring you all the news and best analysis on the question of Puerto Rico’s political status.

0 thoughts on “The Last Colony”

  1. Most Puerto Ricans will not voluntarily relinquish US citizenship.

    Therefore, the only option for Puerto Rico is Statehood.

    But that decision depends not so much on Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans, but on the Federal Government and our 50 Sister States.

    Let’s keep knocking on the government door until they hear, listen and act.

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