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The Most Popular Stories at Puerto Rico Report

As we say goodbye to 2021, we can look back at our years of reporting on the political status of Puerto Rico and see that some stories have been more popular with our readers than others.

Here are the top stories of all time:

  1. How Does a Territory Become a State?
  2. Puerto Rico in the 2021 Olympics
  3. Puerto Rico Is Not a State: Why Not?
  4. “Technically Recoverable” Oil and Gas Believed South of Puerto Rico
  5. Is Puerto Rico a Country?
  6. How Did Puerto Rico Become a Territory of the United States?
  7. What Does It Mean to Be a Territory of the United States?
  8. Puerto Rico Has Valuable Natural Resources
  9. Puerto Rico: A U.S. Territory
  10. The Meaning of “Commonwealth”

Readers still search for basic information about what it means to be a territory, why Puerto Rico is called a commonwealth, and whether Puerto Rico is a country or a State.

Readers also want to know about the natural resources of Puerto Rico, and this year’s story on the Olympics caught a lot of people’s attention.

Meanwhile, we have reported on the events that take place every day, as the 2020 referendum, the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing rebuilding from Hurricane Maria’s destruction, and controversies in all branches of the federal government kept Puerto Rico in the headlines of major news outlets throughout the year.

We look forward to learning — and sharing — what happens next in the new year. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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