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The Most Popular Stories of 2017

Puerto Rico has been in the headlines a lot this year, and a lot of significant events have taken place. Nonetheless, the Puerto Rico Report’s most popular stories have explored basic information about Puerto Rico and the territory’s relationship with the U.S.

  1. Is Puerto Rico Part of the U.S.?
  2. The Federal Income Taxes Puerto Ricans Pay
  3. Puerto Rico: A U.S. Territory
  4. The Meaning of Commonwealth
  5. How Did Puerto Rico Become a U.S. Territory?
  6. Is Puerto Rico a Country?
  7. What Does It Mean to Be a Territory?
  8. Puerto Rico Has Valuable Natural Resources
  9. The Relationship between Puerto Rico and the U.S.
  10. What Country Is Puerto Rico In?

We know that these questions have confused plenty of people for years, and we’re glad to bring clear answers to our readers.

We also keep you informed on current events.

Top stories from 2017:

  1. 97% Vote for Statehood
  2. Controversy over Vote Count
  3. Advice and Instructions on Hurricane Maria
  4. Washington Responds to Hurricane Maria
  5. Puerto Rico Lags in Federal Funding
  6. What will happen to U.S. citizenship if Puerto Rio chooses independence?
  7. Trump Tweets on Puerto Rico
  8. Puerto Rico Moves on Tennessee Plan
  9. DNC Approves Resolution for Puerto Rico Statehood
  10. Does the U.S. Want Statehood for Puerto Rico?

Continue to rely on the Puerto Rico Report for accurate news and analysis in the coming year.

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