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The Most Popular Stories of 2021

For nearly a decade Puerto Rico Report has been bringing you comprehensive coverage of news and analysis of the political status of Puerto Rico.

This year, ten stories stand out as the most popular stories of 2021:

    1. Puerto Rico in the 2021 Olympics
    2. Puerto Rico Moves to Level 4 on CDC’s Travel Advisory List
    3. Implications of Puerto Rico’s Territory Status in 2021 Economic Stimulus Spending
    4. Singer Macy Gray Calls for New, 52 Star Flag
    5. Supreme Court Considers Extension of SSI Benefits to Puerto Rico
    6. Flowers on Jill Biden’s Inaugural Dress Include the Puerto Rican Hibiscus
    7. SNAP, NAP, and Equality for Puerto Rico
    8. Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Bill 2021
    9. The Build Back Better Bill Includes Support for Puerto Rico
    10. The Rise of Agriculture in Puerto Rico

2021 was an eventful year for Puerto Rico. We look forward to 2022, and we hope you will stick with us as we explore the changes that will come our way in the next year.

Best wishes for the Near Year to you and yours from the team at Puerto Rico Report!

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