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The Top 10 Stories of 2019

2019 was a news-filled year for Puerto Rico. We hope 2020 will be a year filled with good news for Puerto Rico.

Here were the most popular stories posted this year at Puerto Rico Report:

Puerto Rico Is Not a State: Why Not?

Puerto Rico is the only remaining U.S. territory with a large population, and the only current territory that has officially requested statehood. All that remains is for Congress to vote by simple majority to admit Puerto Rico as a state. So why isn’t Puerto Rico a state yet?

Puerto Rico and Federal Income Tax

At first glance, it looks like residents of Puerto Rico have the advantage of not having to file federal income taxes. But Puerto Ricans pay some taxes, and miss out on tax credits people living in States benefit from. Should tax differences be used as an excuse for giving less to the territory?

Puerto Ricans in the United States: A Statistical Profile

Puerto Ricans are the second-largest Hispanic subgroup in the U.S. Where do they live in the States? Do they speak English? How educated are they, how old are they, and how are they doing economically? The latest figures give us a picture.

Puerto Rico and Climate Change

Climate change is not a problem in Puerto Rico’s future; it’s a problem right now. Warmer ocean temperatures fueled Hurricane Maria and prompted the decimation of Puerto Rico’s insect population. Bold solutions are needed.

Dave Martinez Proud to Represent Puerto Rico in the World Series

Baseball always matters in Puerto Rico, and 2019 was a big year for Puerto Rico in baseball. One of the big stories was about Dave Martinez, General Manager of the Washington Nationals, a New Yorker whose parents came from Puerto Rico.

Wanda Vázquez Garced is Puerto Rico Governor

Puerto Rico ousted one governor, lined up a second, and ended up with a third. People in the States were impressed with the power of the people in the territory. The new governor was not well known, however. Read about her background.

The Uniqueness of Puerto Rico’s Bees

As Puerto Rico strives to rebuild the economy, some industries stand out as possible contenders for the next economic powerhouse in the territory. Puerto Rico’s unique bees may offer strong potential for the future.

New House Rules for Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner

Puerto Rico has no senators and no ordinary members of the House. Instead, the Island is represented by a Resident Commissioner. Under the last Congress, this representative was not able to vote on bills before the House. Now — it’s complicated.

Tax Credits for Puerto Rico

Most residents of Puerto Rico don’t have to file federal income taxes — but that’s not necessarily an advantage. About half of the residents of the States don’t pay any federal income tax, either, but many of these people benefit from tax credits. The details are surprising.

Russia’s Take on Puerto Rico Independence

Russian interference in U.S. politics has been in the news this year. Carefully constructed articles designed for social media sharing showed up in Russian news outlets, suggesting that Puerto Rico’s status could have been one of the strategic topics involved.


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