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White House Demonstrators Demand Healthcare Equality in Puerto Rico

El Nuevo Dia is reporting that the Board of Directors at the Puerto Rican College of Doctors and Surgeons demonstrated today in front of the White House for Puerto Rican equality in the federal health care system.

Wearing white professional doctor coats,  Eduardo Ibarra, the president of the college, explained that his group had come to Washington to express their appreciation for Puerto Rico’s inclusion in current federal law and to urge the winner of the upcoming  presidential election to increase health care and related resources for the island to a level equal to that of states, creating a more equitable society.  No violence or related incedents of conflict were reported.

Ibarra was quoted as saying the the federal health care law – which granted Puerto Rico approximately $6.3 million for Medicaid – was important, but only a first step toward the establishment of an integrated health care system between Puerto Rico and the rest of the United States.


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