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Young Republicans Endorse Statehood for Puerto Rico

The Young Republican National Federation passed a resolution at its spring board meeting in San Antonio:

WHEREAS, our fellow American citizens of the territory of Puerto Rico, many of whom have gallantly served and died in the armed forces of the United States, held a plebiscite on November 6th 2012 voting in favor of a more concrete and permanent relationship with the Union.

WHEREAS, with a voter turnout of 78% of registered voters the people of Puerto Rico showed that an overwhelming two/thirds majority requested that the United States Congress grant them the right of self-determination to achieve a permanent place in the Union.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Young Republican National Federation requests that the President and the United States Congress evaluate the results of the plebiscite and take action in advancing the desire of the people of the territory of Puerto Rico to achieve statehood and grant unconditionally to the nearly 4 million American citizens their full, inalienable rights in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.

The Young Republicans are ideologically in sync with the Young Democrats, who passed a related resolution in December.

It’s important to recognize this bipartisan support for equal citizenship for Puerto Rico. Critics have suggested that Puerto Rico will not be admitted to the Union because the Republican-controlled House of Representatives won’t allow it. In fact, both 2012 presidential candidates pledged to support self-determination for Puerto Rico. This latest resolution of support shows that this is not a partisan issue.

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