(II) Independence:Puerto Rico should become a sovereign nation, fully independent from the United States and the United States Congress would be required to pass any necessary legislation to begin the transition into independent nation of Puerto Rico. If you agree, mark here:


As a sovereign country, Puerto Rico would sever all ties with the United States. 

Puerto Ricans would lose their right to U.S. citizenship and be subject to federal immigration law when moving to any state. Travel between Puerto Rico and the fifty states would require a passport, long term visits to family and friends would  be restricted, and job opportunities would be circumscribed under federal immigration law.

Puerto Ricans would not be eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, nutrition assistance, Pell Grants, law enforcement/border protection, highway funding or any other federal social spending, and the Puerto Rican government would be responsible for recreating these social programs on a local level without reliance on federal assistance.

Even though every working Puerto Rican has contributed payroll taxes towards financing Social Security and Medicare, Puerto Rican benefits under these two programs would have to be renegotiated and, ultimately, eliminated.

Puerto Rico would be responsible for its own military, defense and border protection.  Puerto Rican veterans who fought on behalf of the United States in previous battles would not be guaranteed inclusion in the federal military healthcare system or other veterans programs at levels comparable to U.S. citizens.