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Alex Cora, First Puerto Rican Manager to Win the World Series

The Boston Red Sox have won the World Series for the 9th time in their history. Naturally, Boston is excited. But manager Alex Cora, who hails from Caguas, Puerto Rico, has created excitement on the Island, too.

Cora asked for a plane load of supplies for Puerto Rico disaster relief last year when he negotiated his contract with the Red Sox. Team mates and Boston luminaries flew to Caguas to deliver the goods.

“Now I’m just asking for the whole team, or the majority of them, to fly home with that trophy and enjoy it with my countrymen,” Cora said in an interview with a local TV station.

As the first Puerto Rican to manage a World Series winning team, Cora has often said that he feels he represents Puerto Rico. Talking to press before the big win, he expressed satisfaction that he can “bring joy to my island.” He also brings pride to the Puerto Rican communities in Boston and across the nation.

Cora is just the fifth rookie manager to guide his team to the World Series. He is the first Red Sox manager from Puerto Rico. He is also the first Puerto Rican manager to win the World Series.

Cora managed Puerto Rican teams, and then served as bench coach for the Houston Astros before joining the Red Sox.

Baseball has a long history in Puerto Rico.In fact, the first public game was played in 1898, months before Puerto Rico became a U.S. Territory.

The Island has supplied the Major Leagues with a wealth of fine players, including the legendary Roberto Clemente. Major League baseball was not played in Puerto Rico in 2016 because of the Zika virus, or in 2017 because of the hurricanes, but the sport returned to the Island this year.

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