Certified Results of the November Plebiscite

The State Election Commission of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has released the final certified election results for the November plebiscite.

For the first question, whether or not to keep the current territorial status, the official certified results are:

  • No: 970,910   (53.97%)
  • Yes: 828,077   (46.03%)
  • Blank: 67,267
  • Invalidated: 12,948

The Commission determined that the total number of “enrolled polling units” was 2,402,941, and that 1,878,969 voters took part in the plebiscite — creating a voting participation rate of 78.19%. See the primary document as a PDF file.

For the second question, which asked voters to select their preferred status option among a list of the constitutionally acceptable choices, the results were:

  • Statehood: 834,191  (61.16%)
  • Sovereign free associated state: 454,768   (33.34%)
  • Independence: 74,895   (5.49%)
  • Blank: 498,604
  • Invalidated: 16,744

The voting participation rate remained unchanged at 78.19%. See the primary document as a PDF file.


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