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Schumer “Would Love to Make” Puerto Rico a State

In a late September interview with Joy Reid of MSNBC, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) listed things he would change if his party gains control of the Senate in the upcoming election.

Reid asked about Puerto Rico Statehood, and Schumer responded, “I would — believe me, on D.C. and Puerto Rico — particularly if Puerto Rico votes for it, D.C. already has voted for it and wants it — would love to make them states.”

Recent polling indicates that Democrats are favored to take control of the Senate chamber in the upcoming election, providing Senator Schumer with the powerful platform of Majority Leader and ability to set the Senate agenda.

Past support for Puerto Rico statehood

In an interview with The Atlantic last year, Schumer described statehood as “empowering people.”

“I’d do it for Puerto Rico too,” he said, “but they’re not sure they want statehood. But D.C. has had a referendum, they want statehood, and we should have them be allowed to vote in federal elections—have congressmen, have senators, etc.”

Puerto Rico – unlike D.C. – has been plagued by confusion over the definitions of various options voters seek to place on the ballot.

D.C. plebiscites have been straightforward yes/no votes on U.S. statehood.

Puerto Rico, on the other hand, has experienced internal debates about including options stemming from a developed “Commonwealth” status on the ballot.  These proposals mix elements of statehood – which includes U.S. citizenship – with sovereignty, in which U.S. citizenship eventually ends.

The last time that D.C. held an up or down vote on statehood, in 2016, 244,134 D.C. voters (85.69%) voted yes. 40,779 voted no, and there were 26,154 blank or otherwise invalid votes.

In 2017, Puerto Rico also held a status vote. 502,801 (97%) chose statehood. 7,786 chose independence, 6,823 chose territorial status, and there were 984 blank or otherwise invalid votes.

In 2012, Puerto Rico voted against the current territorial status, with 54% voting “no” on whether they wanted to remain with the status quo. In a second ballot question, 61% chose statehood among the viable options.

A yes or no vote on statehood is scheduled for November 3rd of this year. This will be the first up or down vote on statehood in Puerto Rico. There have been five previous plebiscites on the Island’s political status, but each of the preceding votes has had multiple choices for status.

12 thoughts on “Schumer “Would Love to Make” Puerto Rico a State”

  1. So D.C. voted for statehood FOUR YEARS AGO. What is their status? Nothing has changed. I believe that P.R. should vote foe statehood and then pressure the U.S. to take action to make it happen. As long as the island remains a territory it will continue to get screwed by the U.S. The island citizens need to have the protection from the Congress and Senate AND receive FULL CITIZENSHIP!

    1. Puerto Rico are full Citizens so much so you dont pay any Federal income taxes! Ypu want Equality but dont pay taxes we in the States pay for your Corrupt ways? So pay off the Debt? In 30 yrs we’ll think about Starehood! ( Chuck Shummer)is a Charlton

  2. Nothing happened because the Trumpublicans won. D.C. would certainly add 2 Democratic senators, while P.R., at best, might be split. This is why Trump picked a fight and ignored the last vote. If the Democrats take back the senate, both may well get statehood quickly.

  3. I believe and hope Puerto Rico will vote YES in voting to become a state. Please, look and see who are the new Senators and Representatives and write and mail then. Let them know we helped them to get elected and now they should support statehood for Puerto Rico.

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    1. Repeatedly we have chose Statehood, but if you are asking for a supermayority, need to reduce the options to two. Independence or Statehood. We do pay already Federal Taxes, geogle it. Many coments here are from people with a shrunken knowledge about PR and what the mayority wants. A colony os USA since 123 year ago. But there history in betwen. It go both ways and may be considered bad or worse, many talk all the time about money. But what about our pride. Yes 3 to 4 hours in a comerciales fly to the near state and yeah a proud fully US American Citizens. But if any American any one come to the Island and stay here lose, so many rights? It’s just a complicacated framework of island laws? Yes you going to find out puertorricans leading in many federal government agency, law enforcement, national security, judges in the Supreme, in Boston in the second Circuit, is easy we born US America citizen. There no longer adversary against Statehood just a 3% of people who vote, and maybe other 12% afraid of any change, because they are to old and, or because, the media have been using their power to keep the status quo. But is time, Now is time for justice for this 3.2millipns of US citizens

  5. Schumer recently said that the results of the 2020 Plebiscite, where STATEHOOD won, was not enough… That all Parties–even the PPD’s position on Sovereignty with US Citizenship and benefits need to be considered… This is wrong…; perpetuates Federal discrimination… Here we go again!

  6. Schumer recently said that the results of the 2020 Plebiscite, where STATEHOOD won, was not enough… That all Parties–even the PPD’s position on Sovereignty with US Citizenship and benefits need to be considered… This is wrong…; perpetuates Federal discrimination… Here we go again! THE FACTS ARE— **Equality-Fairness for US Citizens-Veterans in US Territory of Puerto Rico (PR)!**
    “The Federal Government should be the Servant of ALL the People; NOT the Master of some!”
    SUMMARY: Since, 1898 (for over 123+ years)–fellow, but, 2d Class US Citizens-American Veterans (part of “We the People”), in the US Territory of PR (with more US Citizens than 22 States) — have made many valuable contributions to our USA! But, until TODAY Puerto Ricans face FEDERAL unfair Treatment/Discrimination/ Undemocratic Control—NO Federal “Consent of the Governed” (NO vote for US President; NO just Representation in US Congress; NO Parity in Federal Laws-Programs-Funds; NO permanent statutory US Citizenship-even in a State) that other US Citizens have, under our US Constitution; noble US Flag- that Represents all diverse “WE THE PEOPLE”!

    As Puerto Ricans face a complex MAGNA CRISIS which major ROOT components are–
    *Economic-Jobs; Fiscal-Debt; Infrastructure; Social; Status-Equality*
    *Where each PART affects the other; the Federal undemocratic Territorial (Colonial) Status affects everything. Federal discrimination ties Puerto Rican hands to fairly compete on a level Playing Field! Other Facts are:
    • Loyal US Puerto Ricans (10m strong-most live in the States, are 2d largest US Hispanic Group)- sacrifice; greatly contribute to our US, since 1513-when Ancestors (1st Governor of PR) came to Florida–107 years before the Pilgrims; fought in the War of Independence (1776)…; as today, Puerto Ricans, bravely and patriotically shed sweat, blood, and tears for our US Flag (WWI; WW-II; Korea; Vietnam; War on Terrorism…).
    • Puerto Ricans want EQUALITY; face misinformation and excuses that discriminate… Yet, Puerto Ricans have voted in CERTIFIED Plebiscites for STATEHOOD (2012, 2017, & 2020); are against Independence (which only gets 2-5% of the Vote)…; are integrated into US way of life-cherish their US Citizenship…
    The Puerto Rican fight for Equality is not just about a Group deciding the Status Question, but, more fundamental, it’s about FAIRNESS-Individual Civil Rights that strikes at the essence, spirit, and soul of our noble US Constitution where the People are served by their Federal Government, not the other way around!
    Silence to discrimination; supports injustice!
    The Federal Government does nothing for FAIRNESS; has only provided politically distorted excuses that keep a Federal undemocratic Status Quo (for over 122+ years)! This is WRONG! In our US Constitution–the People (composed of Individuals–with full Rights…) come FIRST, not the Federal undemocratic control of the People and Land, as we Guard against a “Tyranny of a Majority”! According to Polls, the Majority of Americans want Statehood for Puerto Rico…
    **FIX ROOTS– THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (US President; US Congress; US Supreme Court)–must stop Political distortion/delays…; end the Colonial Status through the only US Constitution non-territorial Options below–
    • ADMIT Puerto Rico (fellow born US Citizens)- to our diverse “UNION of STATES”, with OWN– STATE Identity (Boricua); Constitution; Flag; and Sovereignty as other diverse STATES have… ALL UNITED, under our noble US Constitution-US Flag-that represents “WE The People”—working for the Good of ALL…
    *Alternative–Do a Referendum on NON-Territorial defined Options, which only are: STATEHOOD vs INDEPENDENCE (Without or With PACT of “Free Association). Let the People decide!
    **Best Option: PR EQUALITY + PROGRESS = STATEHOOD with DIGNITY! “En la Unión esta la fuerza!”
    • US Supreme Court–Revoke the racist Insular Cases-that oppose FAIR Treatment-Equal Civil Right for All…
    • Amend US Constitution- with a “Citizen’s Protection-Equality”, and a “Territory Rights” Clauses- that are FAIR…
    “Patriots cry for Justice-a Call to Arms (Civic Action)-for Fairness-Equality!”
    All Patriots of True Grit; the MEDIA… must properly inform/Contact Federal Government…do RIGHT!
    ASK OFFICIALS–“Do you support FAIRNESS-EQUALITY for born 2d Class US Citizens-American Veterans in the US Territory of Puerto Rico (with more US Citizens than 22 States) that face Federal discrimination–have NO Federal “Consent of the Governed”… through admitting loyal Puerto Ricans to our diverse “UNION of States”, per the will of the People in three Plebiscites (2012, 2017, & 2020)–where STATEHOOD won; Polls-66+% of Americans, support?”
    **Alternative: Do Plebiscite on: STATEHOOD vs INDEPENDENCE (Without or With PACT-Free Association).
    CONTACT: MEDIA; US President and US Congress (DO: Resolutions; Emails; Letters; Forums; Town Halls…)
    **US Congress:
    **US President:
    ENCLOSURES (Based on Research-Facts) SHARE!!

  7. *STATEHOOD-Puerto Rico and DC (District of Columbia)** The Federal Government should NOT tie STATEHOOD for Puerto Rico to the District of Colombia. These are two separate issues; should be addressed differently, because–DC is under a different US Constitution Clause; can vote for US President; has Parity in Federal Funds; a permanent US Citizenship; higher per capita income… Plus, for DC to become a State it needs an amendment to the US Constitution.

    While, Puerto Rico doesn’t!
    **Equality for US Citizens in DC-best Options** The DC population is very small compare to other States…

    Thus, except for Federal Property (which would be called DC); give other DC Land (where People Live; not Office space) back to Maryland from which it was taken or allow them to vote in Maryland through a Constitutional Amendment… This Achieves EQUALITY.

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  9. For reporters who have been covering Schumer for 10 years or more, it is common knowledge that he follows the PPD leaning political current laid out by the gal he calls “la luchadora” Nydia Velazquez.
    The Puerto Rican/Hispanic organizations that put bodies on the street and New Yorkers in the voting booth should be called out for their hypocrisy. They advocate for independence and the unequal/undemocratic “best of both worlds” territorial option.
    This includes the Hispanic Federation of NYC, POWER 4 PUERTO RICO, Healthcare workers union, Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, SOMOS and the Black Puerto Rican State Legislative Caucus.
    But they live and have thrived personally and professionally as statehooders in NY, MA, IL, CT. I rejoice in that up to a point, but believe that part of my job as a journalist is to highlight the disparity between living as a statehooder in NY and trying to make a life as a resident of the territory.
    Felix Matos Rodriguez, Chancellor of the City University of NY, worked for former governor Anibal Acevedo Vila. He gave Vila a podium at the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College for promoting the discredited PPD status options.
    I rejoice in that record up to a point, but know that thousands are suffering because of the unequal and undemocratic nature of the territorial option.
    The Center can prove it really wants to study, explore and debate the history and context of ALL status options by inviting Howard Hills, Jeffrey Farrow, Luis Davila Colon or Robert Friedman to speak at CUNY.
    Schumer, Gilibrand, NY’s congressional delegation, most of the elected and appointed officials of Puerto Rican descent in Albany and city halls throughout the state use advocate for independence using the talking points created by the PPD in San Juan.
    This is a self-serving hypocrisy that remains unchallenged by all of the elite media in NYC, including the Times, Daily News, Post,
    My reporting bias is that only a federally-sponsored plebiscite between the two status options of statehood and independence lead to permanent decolonization for Puerto Rico.

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