Donald Trump Announces Position on Puerto Rico Status

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has released his first offical statement on Puerto Rico status.

“There are 3.7 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico,” begins the statement. “As citizens, they should be entitled to determine for themselves their political status.”

The Trump statement continues to advocate a “process where Puerto Ricans might resolve their status” and pledges that as president he will do his “part to insure that Congress follows the Constitution.”

The statement concludes “the will of the Puerto Rican people in any status referendum should be considered as Congress follows through on any desired change in status for Puerto Rico, including statehood.”

In a 2012 plebiscite in Puerto Rico, 54% of the voters rejected Puerto Rico’s current territorial status and 61% chose statehood from among the alternatives.  Voter turnout was close to 80%.

The Trump statement explicitly notes that statehood is an option that should be considered for Puerto Rico.  Trump, however, does not go as far as former Presidents, such as Ronald ReaganGeorge H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford, in proactively calling for statehood, nor does he match the ambition of some of his current competitors, such as Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, in calling for Puerto Rico statehood.  Former Presidential candidate and Sen. Bob Dole stongly endorsed a vote on statehood in Puerto Rico.  Sen. Marco Rubio has also endorsed a resolution of Puerto Rico’s curent unequal treatment, and he has called in particular an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit to low income workers in Puerto Rico.

Trump’s statement reflects the fact that ultimately Congress determines Puerto Rico’s status, as set forth under the Territorial Clause of the U.S. Constition calling upon Congres to “dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States.”

Recent U.S. Census data indicate that there are now 3.4 million U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico, down from 3.7 million in 2010, due to a mass migration to Florida and other states.


Zealot 51

“The Donald” is delightfully discombobulating both the godawful Damocrat/Media establishment and the GOP/big-business establishment. “The Donald” is a definite PHENOMENON. That said, however, his stance on Puerto Rico is totally “Ho hum; same-old-same-old; boilerplate; heard it all before; pass the buck; do NOTHING.” The sole “plus” is that Barack Obama PROMISED RESULTS in 2008, while Mr. Trump promises zilch; thus, Mr. Trump is at least no hypocrite….


Mr. Trump please go back to school or hire a lawyer, Sir do you know that the persident of the United State is no valid, and if you get elected president you will not be a valid president?…Do you know that?..,would you like to know why?…am sure you do!…
Simple…because the american citizen by federal law living in puerto rico, never will vote for you, because we do not have that right in the nation that is the mother of the democracy…and we do not have representation mñn and in our unique situation we dont need to be a State. So Sir as you see is a 99years old discrimination, against the real citizen of this country.

Luis Arroyo

I respectfully disagree. While Trump doesn’t go as far as personally endorsing statehood, HE DOES MENTION STATEHOOD as an option if it’s the will of Puerto Rico.

This last point DIFFERENTIATES Trump from the standard Democrat talking point of ; “We support Puerto Rican autodetermination & their right to choose their status” repeated by Carter,Mondale,Clinton,Gore,& now Hillary.
Democrats& talking points, the true *I don’t care /ho -hum* party.



Ivan Arrache

Give Puerto Rico back to Spain. Spain have €uros and are in a better financial situation that Puerto Rico. Puertoricans still speak spanish, still have their spanish last names and still Christians. USA doesn’t want to treat them like humans, so that will be the solution to America’s biggest mistake and adduction of civil and democratic rights to the Puerto Rico’s people.


In the many plebiscites that Puerto Ricans have voted on it has been determined by majority of votes ‘THAT PUERTO RICANS DO NOT WANT STATEHOOD” it is a fact that the PNP Party has accepted long ago,,,just as well as the US Congress,,,US territory: yes, since 1899, colony of US? NEVER!!! STATE NEVER!!! it all should stay the way Luis Munoz Marin left it: US Commonwealth.

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