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Former Governors Join Forces for Presidential Campaign

Puerto Rico’s former governors Rafael Hernández Colón and Carlos Romero Barceló may seem like an unlikely pairing for a joint project.

Barceló was the fifth Governor of Puerto Rico, and also served as Resident Commissioner for Puerto Rico. He is a member of the PNP, and the grandson of a famed advocate of Puerto Rican independence.

Colón was Barceló’s predecessor in the position, serving three terms between 1973 and 1993. A member of the PDP, Colón is still influential in that political party. Colón is known as a supporter of the status quo for Puerto Rico, and last December made headlines by saying that Congress can “do what it wants” with Puerto Rico.

If it is a bit surprising that these men, on different sides of the Puerto Rican status issue, are working together on a political task, as first reported by Caribbean Business.  It may also be surprising that the task they’ve taken on is a presidential campaign. Residents of Puerto Rico cannot vote for the President of the United States, though they are citizens of the United States.

However surprising it may be, the two former Governors will work together for President Barack Obama in Florida this weekend.  Other Puerto Rican elected officials who have campaigned for President Obama in Florida include Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock and PDP Sen. Juan Eugenio Hernández are among the island officials who have campaigned for Obama in Florida.

Current Governor Luis Fortuño and first lady Lucé Vela have been campaigning for Romney in Florida.

The state is not yet in clear support of either candidate.

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