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Geraldo Rivera Weighs in on the Question of Statehood

Journalist Geraldo Rivera shared his views on Puerto Rican statehood in a Fox News Latino article called, “Puerto Rico, the 51st State?”

He did this in the form of a reflection on a conversation during a drive through the lush landscape of Puerto Rico, discussing Governor Fortuño and the upcoming status vote.

“A member of the Republican National Committee and an ally of Mitt Romney,” says Rivera, “Fortuño has forced on Puerto Ricans a rare moment of national introspection. We are having a ‘Who are we?’ moment.”

This aspect of the vote hasn’t been written about much in the media discussions of the question of statehood, independence, or the third, less well-defined “Free Association” option. Articles, videos, and forum talk alike look at the economic consequences on both sides, the political lines being drawn, the crystal ball gazing question of what exactly would happen if Puerto Rico voted this way or that.

Rivera says this is Puerto Rico — and Puerto Ricans chance to decide whether to continue in a colonial arrangement or to become full participants. Right now, a child born in Puerto Rico can become president — but his parents can’t vote for him. “Now,” says Rivera, “Fortuño’s popularity is enhancing statehood’s prospects.”

Peabody Award-winning Rivera was born in New York. His father came from Puerto Rico and he owns a home in Puerto Rico.

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