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Polls Confirm Americans Support Statehood for Puerto Rico

A Hill-HarrisX poll of 1000 Americans found in early July that 47% favor statehood for Puerto Rico.

Questions about statehood for both Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia were presented. Here are the statements presented, with the number of respondents who agreed:

  • Only Washington, DC should be granted statehood: 9%
  • Only Puerto Rico should be granted statehood: 11%
  • Both Washington, DC and Puerto Rico should granted statehood: 36%
  • Neither Washington, DC nor Puerto Rico should be granted statehood: 17%
  • Unsure 27%

Those who approved of statehood for Puerto Rico alone or in combination with DC totaled 47%.

Respondents who disagreed with Puerto Rico statehood totaled 26%, with 9% of those saying that only DC should become a state.

47% of Democrats in the survey wanted statehood for both Puerto Rico and DC. 37% of Independents took the same position. 24% of Republicans favored statehood for both, with 26% of GOP respondents saying no to both.

Both DC and Puerto Rico have voted in favor of statehood and formally requested admission to the Union.

Confirming earlier polls

A Data for Progress poll earlier this year found that 53% of those polled supported statehood for Puerto Rico. 34% favored statehood for DC.

A Rassmussen Reports poll in 2018 found that 47% favored statehood for Puerto Rico. Only 34% were opposed to statehood for the territory. The remainder were uncertain.

Support for Puerto Rico as the 51st state has increased steadily since people living in the States have grown more aware that people born in Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens.


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