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Puerto Rico Is Losing Population to the States — Which States?

Census data released last Thursday confirms that Puerto Rico is still losing residents to the States, but there have been some changes in Puerto Rican populations in the various States.

New York had the highest total of residents identifying as Puerto Rican for decades, but Florida now has edged out New York. Florida has 1,187,437 Puerto Rican residents now, compared with 1,070,071 in New York. No other State has as many as one million Puerto Rican residents.

The two top States have similar proportions of Puerto Rican residents: 5.6% in Florida and 5.5% in New York. Puerto Ricans represent 21.3% of all Florida’s Hispanic residents, but 28.5% of New York’s Hispanic population.

The next five States by total Puerto Rican population:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • California

The State with the smallest Puerto Rican population? Wyoming has just 1,187 Puerto Ricans.

Percentage of population

The two States with the largest numbers of residents from Puerto Rico are not the States with the highest percentage of Puerto Rican residents.

That honor goes to Connecticut, with 8.3% Puerto Ricans in the State population overall. Florida is next with 5.6%, and New York and New Jersey are tied at 5.5%.

Rhode Island has 5.1% and Massachusetts has 4.8%, but the next in line is a surprise: Idaho, at 4.2%.

Several States come in at .2%, the smallest proportion:

  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Percentage of Hispanic population

For the United States as a whole, the largest group within those who consider themselves Hispanic is composed of people of Mexican heritage.

Within the Hispanic population of each State, the largest proportion of Puerto Ricans lives in Connecticut, where 50.5% of Hispanics are Puerto Rican, and in Pennsylvania, where 49% of the Hispanic population is Puerto Rican. Massachusetts has 38.9% and New Hampshire 38.4% Puerto Ricans within their Hispanic communities.

The figure is 32.3% in Rhode Island, 30.1% in Ohio, and 28.5% in New York.

The smallest showings are in the states with strong historic connections to Mexico, such as New Mexico, (.9%), California (1.5%), and Texas (1.9%).

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