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Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act of 2019

Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon has introduced a new Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act.

The bill (H.R. 4901) calls for a federally-sponsored plebiscite asking voters simply whether Puerto Rico should become a State. This up-or-down inquiry is the same question Hawaii and Alaska used when they became States of the Union.

Under the bill introduced yesterday, this vote will take place on November 3, 2020 — Election Day.

Bipartisan support

45 Members of Congress, 29 Democrats and 16 Republicans, signed on as initial co-sponsors of the bill. At the press conference announcing the legislation, speakers included Reps. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), Rob Bishop (R-UT), Don Young (R-AK), and Jose Serrano (D-NY) as well as Puerto Rican leaders.

Statehood for Puerto Rico has historically been a bi-partisan issue. Both national party platforms include support for Puerto Rico statehood. Puerto Rico voters have chosen statehood in the last two plebiscites, in 2012 and 2017.

Murphy said, “I support statehood for Puerto Rico because I support equality for the people of Puerto Rico.

Serrano said that he wanted his friends and family in Puerto Rico to have the same rights he has.

Longtime statehood supporters Rob Bishop and Don Young joked about the long struggle for statehood and their hope that they will be able to vote for the new bill.

HR 4901

The bill begins with a review of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States, pointing out not only the lengthy history but also the many contributions to the U.S. by the people of Puerto Rico.

It goes on to say, “Unincorporated territory status means that federal laws can be applied to Puerto Rico and its American citizens differently, on unequal and even inequitable terms, compared not only to the States and their residents, but also unlike territories that were considered to be parts of the United States. This has limited the development of Puerto Rico and hindered its economy.”

The bill reminds readers that Puerto Rico voters have chosen statehood in two referenda, and that no territory that has requested statehood has ever been denied admission. It says that acceptance of the bill should be considered a commitment by Congress to take action on the vote.



1 thought on “Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act of 2019”

  1. **STATEHOOD-YES or NO Plebiscite**
    The US Territory of Puerto Rico Congressional Resident Commissioner plans to introduce Statehood-“YES or NO” Plebiscite. If it passes, this will be the first sanctioned Congressional Plebiscite (since 1898); the others (where Independence never got more than 2-5% of the vote)–were local Plebiscites with no force for change!

    Fellow loyal 2d Class US Citizens-American Veterans, from the US Territory of PR (with more US Citizens than 22 States) fight to stop Federal discrimination; want Fair Treatment-Equal Rights!
    The Federal Government (US President; US Congress; US Supreme Court)–is not the United States, but responds to the “People” that make up our diverse USA! The Federal Government can provide Equality, but has not done so! Remember, as US Citizens, Puerto Ricans are part of the People! (Read my other writings.)

    The Federal Government should be the Servant of all the “We the People”; not the MASTER of SOME!

    Thus, the US Congress must act if the “YES”-pro-Statehood Vote Wins; incorporate Puerto Rico; after a transition period, admit the US Territory of Puerto Rico to the “UNION OF STATES” that makes up our UNITED STATES where each State keeps their Identity (Boricua); has own Constitution (PR), Flag (PR), and Sovereignty (PR).

    UNITED under our US Constitution (WE the PEOPLE)-Flag that represents ALL the People! Each State complements the other. UNITED we can PROGRESS more for the Good of ALL: Family, Community, State, USA, and Humanity!


    However, to be fair, the options must be defined, per what our US Constitution allows; not politically distort or fool the People… Again, let the People decide! May the Force of the Union be with you!
    *SOLVE Puerto Rico’s Federal undemocratic Territorial-Colonial STATUS*
    Un-Fair treatment of Hispanic-Puerto Ricans is Un-American, because– it’s not only about a democratic Group Vote on the Federal undemocratic Territorial-Colonial Status, but, more vital, is about having ONE Equal US Citizenship with Federal “Consent of the Governed” (per Declaration of Independence)! All Americans should have the SAME RIGHTS in our US Republic (a UNION of States with Government by-for the People), as we UNITE– under our US Constitution “WE THE PEOPLE”–in a Representative Democracy system for ALL; not just for some!

    The Federal Government should be the Servant of all the People; not the Master of some! THUS—The US Congress, which has not acted since 1898-for 120+ years) must: admit Puerto Rico to the UNION OF STATES or conduct a Referendum between NON-TERRITORIAL defined OPTIONS which are:
    • STATEHOOD (YES)–MEANS: Admittance to the US Republic (a Government by the People) “Union of States” for the Good of all, WITH– STATE Identity (Boricua); STATE Constitution; STATE Flag; STATE Sovereignty. Plus, permanent US Citizenship under the protection of the US Constitution-Flag; Equal Individual Rights; Vote for US President; just representation in the US Congress; full earned benefits; Parity in Federal Laws; Federal consent of the Governed…
    **US TERRITORY (NO)-MEANS: Remain under the US Federal undemocratic control (Laws, Borders, Currency…); NO Vote for US President; NO just representation in US Congress; NO full earned benefits; NO Parity in Federal Laws/Funding; NO permanent statutory US Citizenship…), per trite Territorial Clause, and Insular Cases.
    • INDEPENDENCE—MEANS: Puerto Rican Citizenship; PR National Sovereignty. Loss of US Constitution protection; loss of US Citizenship (statutory)- Rights and Benefits…
    • INDEPENDENCE (With PACT-Free Association…)–MEANS: Puerto Rican Citizenship-Sovereignty… Loss of US Constitution; loss of US Citizenship (statutory)-Rights and Benefits… But, with a PACT to be negotiated; terminated by any Party.
    *NOTE 1: Adding US Territory (disguised as Commonwealth or ELA)—will confuse- fool People as to the true Status; will not solve the unfair Federal undemocratic Status. PR has voted against Independence in 5 local Plebiscites; has elected a pro-Statehood Territorial Government; voted for Statehood in two Plebiscites…
    *NOTE 2: Those with a non-permanent statutory US Citizenship, even if residing in the States, should participate in any Status Plebiscite, because the outcome could affect them (lose US Citizenship)…
    *NOTE 3: Puerto Rico and District of Columbia are two separate issues that should be addressed differently. The District of Colombia (DC)–is under a different US Constitution Clause; they can Vote for US President; has Parity in Federal Funds; a permanent US Citizenship; higher per capita income… But, DC needs an amendment to the US Constitution for Statehood… While, Puerto Rico doesn’t because it is under the Territorial Clause…
    **US Congress can fix the PR inequality; un-fair Treatment TODAY!

    *The American People in the last 5 Polls support Statehood for the US Territory of Puerto Rico.
    **Gallup Poll (JULY 2019)–TWO-THIRDS of Americans Support EQUALITY through STATEHOOD FOR PUERTO RICO– Admit PR–to our diverse “Union of States” where each State maintains their STATE Identity; Constitution; Flag; and Sovereignty; UNITED under our US “WE THE PEOPLE” CONSTITUTION; noble US FLAG that represents all the States-Territories that make up “WE THE PEOPLE”—for the GOOD OF ALL!

    *SOURCES-MACRO PROOF- See Researched Paper–“US Federal Government-US Territory of Puerto Rico Un-Democratic Relationship” that includes: FAIR Treatment-EQUAL Rights for US Puerto Ricans-US Veterans! (I can email or objectively discuss, upon request.)

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