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Representative Jose Serrano

Representative Jose Serrano (D-NY), Statement before the House Natural Resources Committee, March 22, 2007, p. 14.  [N]o one in Puerto Rico supports the present status.  When they say they support commonwealth, they support a new commonwealth, which I call a letter to the Three Kings or a letter to Santa Claus.  Because it says let me be a state, but let me be an independent nation; let me change, but not change.

Does Puerto Rico deserve that after 109 years of colonialism?  Absolutely.  And I would vote for it.  Can any Member of Congress outside of three or four of us vote for that?  Absolutely not.   Because as it was said here, if you go back to your district, somebody is going to ask you that Sunday morning in church, what was it that you gave Puerto Rico that you can’t give my district.  And that is the problem, that it is not realistic.

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