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Samantha Bee and Full Frontal in Puerto Rico

Samantha Bee presented a special episode of Full Frontal in Puerto Rico last night.

In preparation, the program did research on Puerto Rico and produced a “Primer on Puerto Rico.”

This video does not pretend to be a precise, balanced explanation of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States, but it brings up some controversies of which many Americans are unaware.

Not long ago, polls found that more than half of Americans didn’t know that people born in Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, awareness developed as people across the nation tried to figure out why the United States is responsible for Puerto Rico.

Here’s some background information on some of these points:

Bee describes the program as “joyful” and says she wanted to give people in Puerto Rico an opportunity to share the ways they’re working on recovery for the Island.

With the program completed, Bee says that she wanted to continue to help. She decided to accomplish this by choosing Transom, a screen printing company in Puerto Rico, to print her program’s fundraising T-shirts. She has challenged other late-night hosts to do the same, and has linked from the Full Frontal website to Transom’s web page to make it easy for others in the states to support at least one business in Puerto Rico.

Bee is also supporting the Hispanic Federation, a charitable organization. She spoke in favor of the combination of charitable giving to help with disaster recovery and providing jobs for Puerto Rico’s economic future.

4 thoughts on “Samantha Bee and Full Frontal in Puerto Rico”

  1. Mainstream Media and clowns like this one are heroes to all liberals- I am not saying that i am in total agreement with the way things were handle by the US -lots of things were and still wrong. But in other hand we were never abandon – most mainland Americans did not know we were Americans too until this catastrophic – thanks to the Populares with their banana republic mentality – I hope someday they will have the cojones and tell the people what they “Independentistas”

    1. Not abandoned but myopically marginalised by Trumps popularly pejorative Hispanic inferences (more than inferences) about Puerto-Rico’s populace, connectivity and value to the US mainland. He is a horridly ignorant man. I doubt he will make it through his entire four year term. Parochial and highly uneducated acumen. Puerto-Rico is an awesome place to vacation for US mainland citizens and a great place to live. Trump cannot or will not see this. A bigoted rube.

  2. I have historically been a die-hard conservative largely because I grew up in a military home. My dad retired as a Colonel, my brother flew F-4s in Air Force as well, and I was enlisted in the Air Force for 7 years and then a retread in Army for another 7 years. Whoa! Well, sort of. Patriotism is good and it can also be exceedingly dangerous as can scientism, religionism, alcoholism, narcissism, et al… I was stabbed 17 times back in 2003 on US soil and coded twice in transit to the hospital. I don’t like war stories. I thought I once did but that ego tripping no longer impresses me or anyone else. I lived and learned a lot from NECESSARY SUFFERING and NECESSARY HUMILIATION and continue to get wake up calls daily. It WILL happen to all of us, Lord Willing. Trump is laughable more so than lamentable although I think he recently went one feather over fifty and is about to cut his left ear off. The bravado is as see through as Saran Wrap. He’s so terribly dualistic in how he narrowly sees everything. ALL or NOTHING. He was jamming on Puerto Rico’s governor before the storms came through and in this appearance he’s pounding sand and giving the guy compliments (and of course himself as even more compliments). It is rather absurd to compare the Tsunami’s death toll with Puerto Rico’s 16 deaths. I suspect it is more. To compare and proceed to self-congradulate himself as though he’s being in office mollified the fatalities in Puerto Rico defies, literally, nature and common sense. I don’t hate the guy. I don’t hate anyone. But when I was wrapped around the axle with the macho routine growing up, parroting platitudes of ignorance – I was a pompously judgmental prig. I am glad to have awakened even as much as I have and it took a lot of silence and solitude to do that. It is absurd to complain that God is silent when we ourselves refuse to be. And Tweeting? I say, COME UP FOR AIR. Feliz dia 🙂

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