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The Top 10 Stories of 2020

The Puerto Rico Report is proud to provide our readers with the latest news from and about Puerto Rico.  As we close 2020, we look back on an eventful year as we share our top 10 stories from over the last twelve months:

Puerto Rico Report wishes you a safe and happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Stories of 2020”

  1. If Puerto Rico has a chance to become a State is now with this coming installed administration. The sad thing is that it will be just like NY and California – a solid blue state.
    I strongly want the island to be a state, but it has been betrayed by the Democrats so many times by supporting the Populares. Just my opinion.

    1. I have to disagree with you on the “solid blue state” reference.
      Pierluisi (blue) won the Governors race with 33% of the vote. I repeat, with 33% of the vote. That is a FAR cry from a solid ANYTHING, much less the voting bloc from P.R. We should not tie these two items together. Let’s get Puerto Rico admitted as a state first and then we can decide the direction of the island with regard to political preference.
      Just a thought.

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