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The Top Stories at Puerto Rico Report

Puerto Rico Report has been bringing you the news and insights about Puerto Rico’s political status for over a decade. In that time, some stories have been es[ecially popular. Here are the most-read stories of the past 10 years at the Report.

#10 Why is Puerto Rico not a state?

Many Americans think that Puerto Rico is already a state — and many more wonder why the U. S.’s most populous territory isn’t yet a state. We have an explanation.

Puerto Rico Is Not a State: Why Not?

#9 Trump on Puerto Rico

Donald Trump continues to interest people. We have several stories on Donald Trump and Puerto Rico, but the most popular one looks at some things candidate Trump said before he stated an official position on Puerto Rico Statehood.

Donald Trump on Puerto Rico Statehood, U.S. Citizenship for Puerto Ricans

#8 How does a territory become a state?

It has been more than half a century since the United States added a state. Most Americans are not very clear on the process by which a territory becomes a state. Some of the confusions we’ve noticed: people believe that all the states must ratify the admission of a new state, they think that the president is in charge of adding new states, or they believe that there are requirements like a particular language or financial stability. It’s actually much simpler than that.

How Does a Territory Become a State?

#7 What’s in It for the U.S.?

One question visitors have in mind is just what the United States would get out of adding Puerto Rico as a state of the Union. Puerto Rico has some valuable natural resources that the entire nation could benefit from, in addition to the economic benefits of adding another state.

Puerto Rico Has Valuable Natural Resources

#6 How did Puerto Rico become a territory?

Visitors wonder how Puerto Rico became a territory in the first place. The answer to that question can surprise people — things have changed in the past century.

How Did Puerto Rico Become a U.S. Territory?

#5 Do Puerto Ricans pay taxes?

This question is part of visitors’ search for information about how adding Puerto Rico as a state could benefit the U.S. as a whole. It’s also one of those basic confusions. Puerto Ricans generally do not pay federal income tax. However, they do pay other federal taxes. Get all the details here.

The Federal Income Taxes Puerto Ricans Pay

#4 Is Puerto Rico a nation?

Just as some visitors think that Puerto Rico is already a state, some think it’s already a country. At present, Puerto Rico is not an independent nation.

Is Puerto Rico a Country?

#3 What’s a “commonwealth”?

The word “commonwealth” is used differently in the U.S. from the way it is used to describe the commonwealth of former British territories such as Canada. Supporters of “enhanced commonwealth” have also made claims about the meaning of “commonwealth” that just aren’t true. This leads to all kinds of confusion.

The Meaning of “Commonwealth”

#2 Puerto Rico is a territory

So if Puerto Rico is not a “commonwealth,” then what is it? It’s a territory belonging to the United States.

Puerto Rico: A U.S. Territory

#1 Is Puerto Rico part of the United States?

The most popular article of all time is this one, which explains the basic relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico, the home of 3 million U.S. citizens.

Is Puerto Rico Part of the U.S.?

We look forward to continuing to educate and inform our visitors in 2023!

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