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U.S. Investing in Puerto Rico

A new website,, has been launched to showcase private and public investments in all the states and territories of the United States. Puerto Rico is included.

The site’s interactive tools show the investments made in Puerto Rico during the Biden-Harris Administration. They begin with 200 million dollars of private investment in biomanufacturing and go on to list billions in government support.

Private investment

Puerto Rico tax incentives have typically benefited multinational corporations and wealthy visitors with minimal creation of new jobs or permanent investments in the community. However, some companies have shown that they are ready to make real investments in Puerto Rico.

Biosimilar Solutions, Inc. is investing $200 million in Aguadilla to establish a factory that will produce biosimilar medications — that is, generic drugs based on some of the blockbuster pharmaceuticals which are losing their patents soon. This project should provide 350 jobs and bring new revenue into the community.

Cytolmmune Therapies is putting $28 million into new cancer treatments in Toa Baja. The facility is expected to create 100 new jobs.

Rebuilding infrastructure

The federal government has poured $1.1 billion into rebuilding Puerto Rico’s infrastructure. Some of the specific expenditures listed:

  • $596.1 million for transportation, including repairs to wharf and airport facilities and to roads
  • $252.7 million to increase resilience to climate change with projects relating to watersheds, forestry, and more
  • $184.9 million to provide clean water, including $57 million to replace lead pipes and groundwater decontamination projects

Improvements for individuals

Residents of Puerto Rico in general benefit from the investments already listed, but there are also some financial improvements specifically for individuals and families:

  • 585,000 households have received affordable high-speed internet access.
  • $85.2 million has been given in grants to families so they can make their homes more energy-efficient.
  • Almost 629,000 elderly Puerto Ricans will save on prescriptions because of caps and subsidies the federal government has initiated.

After a series of natural disasters and decades of inadequate infrastructure funding, Puerto Rico is ready for extensive improvements.

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